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What constitutes a good website?


The team at Practice Growth Agency know that a great website shouldn't just look good. It should also deliver new patients to your practice. There's no point having the most beautifully designed website in the world if nobody can find it online.


Who writes it?


We do! We will not only write the content but we can also film and edit videos for the website, choose images, suggest offers, load the website with keywords. It goes without saying we will also make it look great and unique, unlike many other marketing companies we do not use templates.


How will we make your website be found online?


We can support your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that people will find your website, it's then up to you to turn the new patient enquiries into appointments. Though don't worry if that's not a strong point in your practice as we have a training solution to help.


Our blog articles will also be littered with keywords to help get you found on Google and videos are rapidly becoming one of the best ways to boost your position on search engines.

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