The Power of Social Media: Twitter

Hey there, digital marketing fans! Today at Practice Growth Agency, we’re bringing you the latest instalment in our Power of Social Media series. Having already covered Facebook and Instagram, we thought we’d complete the holy trinity of SM sites by talking about the best ways to market on Twitter. Twitter currently has around 326 million monthly users, with 500 million tweets being sent every day- that's nearly 6000 a second! With tweets being limited to 280 characters, it’s important that you know how to use the site effectively, as simply using it as you would Facebook will not get you the results you’re looking for.

Let’s start with a little analogy- imagine social media as a house. Facebook would be the family/living room, LinkedIn the home office, and a blog would be the library. Twitter fits in to this as the front door and foyer- it's a place to meet people and break the ice, and if you want, invite them into your ‘home’ by connecting with them via other social networks. It's the perfect middleman between your website/practice and potential patients, and it’s a space for you to get your brand and personality across whilst still seeming professional. With all this in mind, let’s jump into 10 quick-fire tips to get you marketing efficiently on Twitter.

  1. Choose a Good Username: Your Twitter handle is going to be the first thing many potential patients see of your practice on Twitter- so make it snappy and appropriate.

  2. Keep your profile on-brand: Your profile consists of a bio, cover image and avatar. Because of how these are placed on your page, it’s important to keep all three of these elements on-brand, so people can see what your practice is about in a single glance.

  3. Tweet often: Tweets are notoriously fleeting, which means you need to tweet more frequently than you would post on other SM networks- once a day is an absolute minimum, but trial and error is the best way to figure out that sweet tweet spot for your practice.

  4. Interact and Respond: Twitter is all about quick interactions, so reply to tweets about your practice quickly (within 24hrs), regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Like and retweet positive message, thank those who praise you, and address critical tweets in a helpful and respectful manner- remember your tweets are the face of your practice.

  5. Keep Tweets Short: Even though there’s a 280-character limit on tweets, only 1% of tweets actually reach that limit- meaning Twitter is still the go-to for snappy interactions. It’s good practise to leave some space at the end of your tweet for others who wish to retweet your post.

  6. Retweet and Mention: Talking of retweeting, passing along someone else’s tweet to your followers is a good way to build social capital and credibility- showing that you’re active on all of the site and don’t just use it for marketing, as well as mentioning others in personalised tweets is a great way to establish goodwill.

  7. Plan your Content: Creating a calendar and scheduling consistent tweets over the course of a month means that you can be consistent with your tweeting whilst also letting your followers know what to expect from your page. Don't be afraid to share content from third parties too- it's not easy trying to come up with 50 unique tweets a month!

  8. Use Hashtags: Twitter is the birthplace of the hashtag, so use them to organise your tweet around a specific keyword or topic- don't use too many though, as no-one likes a tweet bloated with hashtags.

  9. Direct Message: It’s very important to make use of the DM (direct message) feature on Twitter when appropriate, as your patients need to feel like they have a direct line to your practice.

  10. Follow Relevant Users: Try not to follow everyone who follows you. Instead, prioritise relevance- this includes following patients, your industry peers and competitors and influencers.

So there we have it- 10 tips to get yourself a Twitter presence! We aren’t just social media experts at Practice Growth Agency, however- check out some of our other blogs on digital marketing, and if you like what you see and could use our services, give us a call on 0208 123 3541.