Why Blogs are essential for marketing your business

Here at Practice Growth Agency, we are constantly on the lookout for helpful tips and hints to make your lives easier when marketing your practice online. So today, we thought we’d get a bit meta and do a blog about blogging! Blogs are such a useful marketing tool for any practice and we have a wealth of experience writing them, so strap in and find out exactly how a good blog can benefit you and your practice.

As you’re all reading this at the moment I'll presume you know what the function of a blog is in general, but in a marketing context a blog can be the perfect way to take your treatments and services to a wider audience, increasing site traffic and sales. Below are some of the most powerful ways a blog can benefit your practice:

  • Humanisation: Blogs can show off the ‘human’ side of your practice, as the best blogs are written informatively but informally- this reassures patients that there’s a real person behind the website, as webpages tend to be seen as cold and faceless by the average consumer.

  • Customer Service: Your blog can act as an interactive FAQ, allowing you to answer commonly asked questions in depth as well as giving the patient useful information such as product updates and how-to articles.

  • Breadth of Information: A well-organised blog with automatic archiving allows patients to search for the information they need and find relevant articles in seconds. Regularly updated blogs with a range of content are goldmines for inquiring visitors.

  • Credibility: Over time, and with enough valuable and well-researched blogs, you can really establish yourself as an industry expert, making potential patients much more comfortable buying your treatments or services.

  • Promotion: Blogs are the perfect way to shine a spotlight on specific products and services, as you can really go into detail about how great they are! You can actually sell products directly from a

blog, or you can use your blog to mention new products and direct visitors to your sales website.

I hope by now you have some idea of how beneficial blogs can be for you and your practice, and why they truly are a pillar of digital marketing. At Practice Growth Agency , we love writing blogs, and have an experienced team with years of blog-writing under their belts for a range of areas and topics. If you’d like to know more about our services, blog-based or otherwise, just give us a call on 01273 220088!