How Google AdWords can help your small business to grow

Google AdWords is an essential marketing tool for the small businesses of today, as it is a highly effective way to grow your business exponentially whilst also staying cost-effective. AdWords contains a plethora of different tools and features that, when used properly, will boost sales and naturally grow your business in exactly the way you desire. There’s no getting away from it- Google has the largest reach of any search engine on the internet (handling over 2 trillion searches a year) and has elevated itself beyond a brand to a verb, so by starting an AdWords campaign you are guaranteeing that your brand will be seen by the largest number of potential customers possible.

AdWords provides a wide variety of options allowing you to customise campaigns to your individual needs as a business, targeting the audiences you most want to reach. For example, you can display your ads to people who search Google for keywords that you specify, filtering out traffic on more general search terms- this increases the chance that your ads will be shown to customers who actually want your product. Furthermore, you can use ad extensions to display images of your product, phone numbers and email addresses right from the Google search results, and narrow your audience by location, time of day, language, browser or device type and more- meaning that if your business is location-specific, you can make sure that only people in your area will see your ads. This efficiency and ability to customise every part of your marketing campaign is what sets AdWords head and shoulders above the competition.

Furthermore, AdWords lays your results out in an easy to understand format, making basic information like clicks, impressions, keywords and budget extremely straightforward to find and tinker with- and for businesses that want to go deeper with analytics, a Google Analytics integration will allow you to see exactly how visitors behave on your site. Search Engine Optimisation is still the backbone of many highly visited sites, even though getting your page to the first position on a Google results page can take years, however AdWords makes it easy to bypass organic results and have your ad at the top of the page without the effort of an SEO campaign.

These are just some of the many reasons why AdWords is the future-and present- of online marketing- there really is no reason why you shouldn’t consider using Google Ads as a marketing tool, as regardless of the size of your business, AdWords will get your brand to the people who matter. If you or your business would like us here at Practice Growth Agency to oversee a Google AdWords campaign, call us on 0208 123 3541

and we would be happy to help.