The Power of Social Media: Facebook

Facebook. In terms of pure reach, no other social media platform comes close to the Zuckerberg-owned titan, with 2.23 billion people logging into Facebook every month (roughly half of those being English-speaking). Those figures are not to be sniffed at, but Facebook’s global reach means that businesses need to stay ahead of the curve in order to build a meaningful customer base on the site, whilst utilising Facebook’s business tools to ensure that your ads are seen by the right people.

It is estimated that there are around 80 million small/medium sized business pages on Facebook, yet only 6 million of these actually advertise on the site. In recent years, organic reach for a Facebook post or ad has declined to just 6.4% of a page’s likes, which means that unless you have a super-dedicated customer base who have turned on notifications for your posts, you’re going to need to pay to boost and promote your content. Boosting posts in this way is by far the most efficient and successful way to get your posts seen by the general public, as boosted posts will show up on the newsfeeds of people who like similar pages to yours, as well as friends of those who already like your page.

Facebook isn’t all about reach, however. The seemingly unlimited potential of the site to gain more customers leaves some businesses putting all of their energy into growth, instead of creating and maintaining a meaningful relationship with those who already like your page. To round off today’s blog, here are some important tips and tricks to help you with marketing on Facebook:

  • Create a human voice- Facebook users, just like anyone, like to talk and interact with real people, not an impersonal business. In both private messages and on posts, you need to write in a voice that sounds real and likeable- which means no jargon or condescension, or people will be put off.

  • Post on a regular basis- The average Facebook user checks their newsfeed over 25 times a week, which means that they need to see something new from you regularly, simply to keep your brand in their mind. Try to post at least once a day (more if you can manage it), but above all make sure to post interesting content. Customers will be sure to unfollow a page if their newsfeed is clogged up by repetitive and boring posts from the same source.

  • Start a conversation- Encourage discussion within your posts, and get involved with the conversation! If a Facebook user can see that a business is willing to interact with their customers, then they will be far more likely to engage with your brand. In addition to this, reply to comments and messages quickly- in this online world of instant gratification and immediacy, people will quickly move elsewhere if their queries or requests are left unanswered for more than a day.

  • Use video- This is perhaps the most important piece of advice so far, as video is fast becoming the number-one way to market on Facebook. Experts predict that by 2021, over 80% of internet traffic will be video, and surveys have shown that 4 out of 5 consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product than read about it! On Facebook, mobile-optimised video has the potential to lift brand awareness by 67%, nearly 20% higher than a TV ad.

So what are you waiting for? Get marketing on Facebook and see the results for yourself!