Trump the competition!

If you think that using the Trump election victory across the Atlantic as a link to practice growth is a tenuous one you’d be very wrong indeed.

Be in no doubt whatsoever, this election was won with social media. The old rules of ‘getting out the vote’, swing states, media bias and surrogates may have proved a part but it was inconsequential when pitted against an orange buffoon with a mobile phone and a 140 character microblogging site (Twitter). My personal opinions on the content of those tweets, namely that they were racist, misogynistic, homophobic and xenophobic are irrelevant. There is one indisputable fact. SOCIAL MEDIA HANDED DONALD TRUMP THE KEYS TO THE WHITE HOUSE. Let’s just stop for one minute and think about that. Social media is now so powerful it handed the leadership of the most powerful western democracy to a reality TV star. We are constantly writing blogs on how effective social media and SEO are at growing patient numbers and increasing revenue from existing ones. There are a lot of marketing agencies out there who claim this, albeit not with our experience or unique expertise. Which is why we always try to back those blogs up with case studies, testimonials and figures which you can find by clicking here. However, today, the only evidence needed of the power of social media is a reiteration of the fact outlined in bold above. DONALD TRUMP IS MOVING INTO THE WHITE HOUSE. Remember, social media and SEO can also be used for promoting a positive message. This month many of our clients are focusing on early detection of mouth cancer during Mounth Cancer Action Month. We regularly tell patients how to brush effectively, the link between general and oral health and how to keep their teeth healthy for life. People crave information from a trusted source i.e. YOU, their dentist. The thing is, if you’re not using social media, the chances are you’re losing patients to a practice nearby which is. And if you’d like to know what losing feels like then I’d suggest looking at a Twitter account with the username @HillaryClinton For more details on growing your practice with social media click here For more details on growing your practice with SEO click here