18 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dental Practice to Make in 2018!

Whilst many dental practices were open for the majority of last week, today we commence the first full working week of 2018.

In the coming days you will undoubtedly be bombarded with lengthy updates on how to grow your practice this year.

We feel, however, that the most effective way to ensure results is give you a succinct list of new year’s resolutions which can help you achieve your goals.

The reason we are so effective at growing revenue and patient numbers within client practices, apart from our vast experience as dental marketers, is that we work with you to deliver regular successful bite-sized projects. The result from each of these projects is an overall growth in your practice.

So, let’s start with those resolutions:

  1. Whilst you are a healthcare professional, you are also a businessperson. Resolve to run your practice as a profitable, successful business in 2018. Ensure your team is empowered to deliver this, and if you use a marketing agency make sure it is a results orientated one comprising of dental marketing experts.

  2. Understand your existing patient base, the easiest revenue increase to achieve will come from effectively utilising the data you already own.

  3. Communicate with your existing patients regularly, through e-newsletters, social media and blogs. The upsell opportunities for treatments to existing patients is immense and often not embraced efficiently.

  4. Make sure your website is delivering new patients. The text, keywords and SEO (search engine optimisation) are critical in growing your patient numbers. If you aren’t attracting the patients who are googling ‘local dentist’ then the practice ‘up-the-road’ will be.

  5. Ensure your website is mobile friendly. Most people are working longer hours and commuting more so they need to access your site on a portable device.

  6. Embrace video. In 2017 we had clients increase the uptake of treatments by up to 40% by having us carry out a targeted social media/e-marketing video campaign.

  7. Take time to introduce some fun to the practice. A happy and engaged team are critical in delivering results.

  8. Set achievable targets. Don’t demotivate the team by having them always fail to deliver outrageous new patient numbers. Motivate them by being realistic.

  9. Charge what you’re worth, not what you think your patients can afford.

  10. Whilst you must carry out patient satisfaction surveys for CQC compliance, you should also be asking questions which will deliver insight into growing your practice.

  11. Evolve your brand by telling YOUR story. People buy people, not corporate entities. Make your team, and you, centre of all your marketing campaigns.

  12. Post frequent blogs which will not only inform people, but also work really well at boosting your SEO and in turn attracting new patients.

  13. Arrange a regular business meeting with key team members. This should not be your weekly team meeting which includes clinical and staff agenda points, rather one focused solely on growing your practice.

  14. Take a holistic look at your business, either by having the team carry out an evaluation or by having an impartial practice overview carried out by Practice Growth Agency.

  15. If a certain campaign doesn’t work then find out why and move on quickly, don’t waste time on marketing endeavours which don’t deliver.

  16. Keep it simple, overcomplicating your message will confuse existing and potential patients.

  17. Keep reminding yourself, and your team, that you can do this! You can grow revenue and patient numbers. You will only achieve by believing.

  18. Start growing your practice today. Don’t put it off until next week, next month or next year. Decide on the changes you need to make and get on with it. Your practice revenue and patient numbers will only increase if you work at increasing them!

If you need help growing your practice with e-newsletters, digital video campaigns, a practice evaluation, a new or refreshed website, a social media presence, treatment videos or patient satisfaction surveys please call us on 020 8123 3541 or email info@practicegrowth.agency

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