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Short videos

Why should I have videos for my website/social media?

It’s essential to have information videos on your website and social media channels, not just to bring your practice to life for potential patients, but also to significantly boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We recommend not only having a general one for the practice but also a separate one for each treatment you offer. 

At Practice Growth Agency we offer two options for short videos.

Regular filmed videos

We will come to your practice and film your videos on a day and time which suits. We will then edit them and add titles to produce a professional end result.

Animated videos 

A regular video can highlight difficulties in being concise about your offering. Whereas an animated video is perfect for how people now digest information online, in bite-sized chunks. There is also no disruption to the practice and revenue isn’t lost due to filming time. They’re delivered within a week of ordering.

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