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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is basically getting your website found on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) by as many people as possible. And to do this you need to be on the first few pages of results when people google a dentist in your area or for a treatment you carry out.


Think about it, if you had a burst pipe and googled ‘local plumber’, you’d start calling those listed on the first page and perhaps the second but you’re not going to go much further. Someone looking for a dentist will do exactly the same thing. So you need to be found.


SEO helps push you to the top of those searches which means that you’ll have more enquiries and in turn more new patient consultations.


Can you afford to NOT be found online? Can you afford to let other local practices be the first on the list?


Working on Your Keywords


As part of our service we work on improving your keywords i.e. the words that potential patients will type into Google. The better the match, the more likely you will be seen. As part of the package we optimize up to 50 keywords and monitor the performance of your keywords and make changes as necessary.


Reporting and Tracking


As part of the service we provide you with monthly tracking of your performance and carry out improvements. We monitor your live daily ranking information and provide you with a monthly report suggesting SEO improvements. We also help to integrate all of your digital accounts (e.g. Facebook/Twitter/Google+) to make sure that your SEO is working to the maximum!

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