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Patient Satisfaction Surveys

What Are Your Patients Saying?


As Oscar Wilde once said “There’s only one thing worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about”.

But what are patients really saying or thinking about your practice? If you don’t know what your patients think about your practice how can you hope to improve standards and ensure repeat and regular attendance?

Patient numbers, treatment sales and practice revenue can only grow if you are providing the service that patients truly want and appreciate.

Communication is Vital


Your patients are your most cost effective marketing tool and word of mouth referrals are the best way to attract new patients. Communication is vital for a successful practice yet it is so frequently overlooked, mainly because the team are too busy treating patients and running the business.

Regular Patient Surveys


Practice Growth Agency can help by carrying out regular patient surveys on your behalf. We will write the questions and can carry out the survey in your preferred format, online, by post or by telephone.

Analysis of Results


Following the campaign we will analyse the results, identify areas that need focus and present you with a fully detailed report. We would recommend carrying out a survey every six months to ensure high standards are being maintained.

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