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Patient Information Days

What is the purpose of a Patient Information Day?

One of the most frustrating things about launching a new service or treatment (i.e. Cerec or Facial Aesthetics) is getting enough new patients for the service in the initial months. This is where we step in by arranging an information day for you.

Is a Patient Information Day just to launch treatments?

No, you can use one to launch a dental payment plan, relaunch the practice or go on a patient recruitment drive.

We often arrange Kid's Dental Fun Days which can attract young families to the practice, which we all know are the lifeblood of the future.

How will we make your website be found online?

The team at Practice Growth Agency Will set-up your information day to launch a service. We will then use a range of digital services to get people along. Firstly we write a press release, then set-up the event online. We will get the invite out digitally using social media, e-newsletters and videos.

We co-ordinate the entire event and send you an attendee list in advance so you will know ow many people you will be presenting to.

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