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A selection of the digital marketing services which can help your practice thrive

Get found online!


  • Get seen at the top of Google!

  • Attract more new patient enquiries

  • Sell more treatments

  • Increase practice revenue

  • If you don't attract the new patients another local practice will


Start growing revenue from existing patients


  • Increase the revenue from existing patients

  • Launch new services effectively

  • See a demonstrable ROI (return on investment)

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Market treatments better than you ever have


We'll help you become a Social Media Superhero and attract patients on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Social Media Management

  • Get found on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

  • Don’t get left behind in the social media world

  • Sell more treatments with targeted adverts

  • Ensure you attract exactly the kind of patients 

  • Make your practice relevant

PGA_Social Media Superhero.jpg

Getting you found online


  • Get discovered online

  • In 2017 if you're not online you don't exist

  • Have a website that delivers new patients

  • You have no credibility if you have no website

  • A cost-effective marketing tool


Explain your service simply!

Short videos

  • Explain treatments with short videos

  • Grow revenue by selling your services visually

  • Can attract new patients

  • Hugely boosts your SEO 

  • Makes you credible and relatable


Getting your point across and powering your SEO


  • Short timely articles will boost your credibility

  • Your blogs can be loaded with keywords

  • Those keywords can power your SEO

  • Great blogs attract new patients

  • Become known as a thought leader 

Business Team

Know what your patients want and you'll know how to grow!

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

  • Understand what your patients REALLY want

  • Sell more treatments

  • Attract more word of mouth referrals

  • Complete CQC objectives

  • Increase your practice revenue

Team Meeting

Drag your practice into the future!


  • Sell additional treatments to your existing patients

  • Find new patients

  • Fill cancelled appointments at short notice

  • Showcase the treatments you’ve carried out

  • Take bookings and enquiries via your app

Looking over the campaign

Display your services to potential new patients in person!

Patient Information Days

  • Relaunch your practice or launch new services

  • Attract attendees from social media & online

  • Great for Kid's Dental Fun Days

  • Gives you a chance to display your practice

  • Encourages team building

Looking over the campaign
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